Weather & Climate

The country’s dry season can be characterized into two, the cool dry season during the months of November to February and the hot dry season during March to April. Cool dry season is the best time to visit Laos in which country’s temperature can goes down to 15C or lower particularly in high lands with cleaner air. Temperature can reach as high as 40C during dry hot season in Laos. During this time Laos can be considered excruciating due to the smoke factor. As a preparation for the rice planting season farmers set fire to rice stubble and degraded forest to improve soil fertility.

Considering the country’s geographical location Laos do experience the annual monsoon cycles that affect the entire Mainland Southeast Asia. During the wet season the country encounters downpour for few hours of day. Higher places tend to get more rain than those towns along Mekong River while the south of Vientiane usually gets least rain. Mountainous areas are vulnerable to landslides and flooding may arise along the river basins and lowland areas during this season. Heavy rainfall usually occurs during the month of July and August. However the month of September was considered to be the wettest month with the average rainfall of 399 mm in 15 days.

Since Laos climate is considered hot and tropical lightweights and rainwear is recommended. If you are going to visit Laos during the month of November to mid- February it is advisable to wear warmer clothing particularly if you are traveling to the highland areas. Light clothing is advisable during the hot and humid season. For women, it is sensible to avoid clothing that bears thigh, shoulders or breast; long trousers, walking shorts and skirts are advisable. Both men and women must dress appropriately when visiting temples and government offices in Laos.