Khaolao, the Natural Sticky Rice Crackers from Laos

Khaolao; Lao Natural Sticky Rice Crackers was first developed and produced by Ms. Khamly Philavong and Ms. Aluna Thavonsouk in the very beginning of the year 2020 at its Khaolao house; home bakery, located in Vientiane, Lao P.D.R.
Khaolao, the Natural Sticky Rice Crackers from Laos at
Khaolao means Lao Rice in English and our passion towards our product came from our love and respect toward our sticky rice, our rice fields and our farmers in Laos. Sticky rice is deeply ingrained in the culture, religious tradition and national identity of LAOS. Sticky rice is the main staple of Laos which is served in every meal, everywhere. Known as khao niao (khao means ‘rice’ while niao means ‘sticky’), sticky rice is one of Laos’ national cuisine. It is eaten at every meal for savory dishes as well as as made as sweet dishes and snacks of Lao people.

Sticky rice crackers are known as ‘Khao Khob’; Lao traditional snacks; great flavors, unique and precious recipient process has been passing on from generations to generations of Laotians, in which the traditional size of the sticky rice crackers is about a hand size with sugar cane topping only.

Khaolao is presenting a new dimension of Lao traditional sticky rice crackers ‘Khao Khob’ with smaller size; bite size from the traditional hand palm size with different toppings.

Khaolao’s mission is to grow sustainably together with sustainable environment and society.

Khaolao’s mission is to provide happiness to consumers in all generations through good taste & healthy snacks of Lao natural sticky rice crackers with different toppings from a small amount of chocolate with natural sweet & sour of dried fruits to savory flavors with natural herbs. Also, we introduce purple sticky rice crackers with wheatgrass topping to let our customers gain vitamins and benefits while enjoy eating Khaolao snacks. Our team determines to support and add more value to Lao traditional snacks to be able to serve different types of consumers both locally and internationally.

Another core crucial mission of Khaolao is our success will be shared to good causes; helping Lao farmers is the start, a part of sales of every box of Khaolao is contributing directly to help Lao farmers. We also consider other good causes that Khaolao can carry out to help others.

Khaolao’s mission is also to help contribute to locals and society. We believe to grow together in the long term. We believe in benefits as a whole and leave no one behind. Khaolao team is committing to food safety. We are receiving Good Hygiene Practices and Good Manufacturing Practice this year of 2024.
KHAOLAO Lao Natural Sticky Rice Crackers from Laos at
Khaolao product lines/types:

  • Khaolao’s sweet flavors; suit well with tea & coffee:
  • Dark/white chocolate flavors
  • Dark/white chocolate with dried fruits
  • Purple sticky rice crackers with strawberries & cranberries flavors

Khaolao’s Savory flavor; suit well with Beer/White Wine/Champagne:

  • Small river fish with Lao traditional pepper from Xieng khouang province of Laos
  • Turmeric with cheese flavor

Khaolao’s special serve with Vegan flavor:

  • Purple sticky rice crackers with wheatgrass topping

Khaolao’s hampers and gift baskets for important occasions of a year

Khaolao Christmas gift sets:

  • Khaolao New Year Wishes Hampers
  • Khaolao Chinese and Vietnamese baskets
  • Khaolao Red Heart for Valentine’s Day
  • Khaolao present-sets for Every Women
  • Khaolao Cheerful Gift for Lao New Year


Khaolao’s principles
We deliver happiness to people via our Khaolao products with quality that our team is passionate to work on and we are open to adapt and grow.

Khaolao product process
Khaolao homemade & handmade, we carefully select Lao local natural sticky rice for our Khaolao products. The sticky rice that we select for our crackers are the special kind of sticky rice type; called “Khao Kai Noi” (Little Chicken Sticky Rice in English) that are only grown in Xiangkhoung province; the north part of Laos.

The ingredients that we use to add flavors to the sticky rice crackers are considered safe and healthy. The local fruits that we dry and blend to be our topping are also chosen with high standard.

Food safety is the number one priority of Khoalao. We are receiving Good Hygiene Practices and Good Manufacturing Practice this year of 2024; certificate number: FDD/DM 2041401 to guarantee our high and safe quality product standard. Each box is sealed properly can be kept for 100 days. We also provide absorbers for the long export kept boxes well.

Khaolao’s customers in Laos and in the international markets:

In Laos, Khaolao is now available at and partnered with:

  • JDL (Dutyfree Wattay Airport)
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel (Gift Gallery)
  • Parkson supermarket in Laos
  • The US embassy, Vientiane LAOS
  • Avani Luangprabang
  • Taste of Laos
  • Ministry of Commerce
  • AGL Insurance Company
  • ICBC Bank
  • RHB Bank
  • Planet Telecom
  • Sinh Tech
  • Toyota Lao Thani
  • Xang Lao Company
  • Panyathip International School

At the international markets, Khaolao has been to numbers of big expos as below:

  • Dubai Expo 2021
  • Shanghai Expo 2021
  • Wave; inspired Tokyo Music & Market 2022
  • The 20th China-ASEAN Expo 2023
  • The Laos Economic and Trade Cooperation Expo opens at the Shanghai Fashion Center along the Huangpu River.
  • China-ASEAN Mercantile Exchange.

Khaolao’s contributions to locals and society

  • Khaolao contributed money to help Lao farmers at Ban Somhong, Hardsayfong District, Vientiane Prefecture, LAOS in the year 2020
  • Khaolao contributed to help “Hands of Hope” center to help children with hearing disability 2021
  • Khaolao supported an art project by the “XYZ” in 2022
  • Khaolao contributed money to help Lao farmers in Savannakhet; the south of Laos in 2023

Khaolao and the sustainability
Khaolao team also commits to be an ecofriendly product that produce low impact on the environment throughout our products’ life cycle; starting from our raw materials that are used in our manufacturing, to transportation to our customers and consumers, in which at the moment, we are using an EV car for our Khaolao product delivery.

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