Fast Facts

Latitude: 17.974855
Longitude: 102.630867
Latitude DMS: 17° 58′ 29.4780” N
Longitude DMS: 102° 37′ 51.1212” E.
Currency: The kip

Climate: (C°)
About 28ºC (86ºF), rising to a maximum of 38ºC (106ºF) during April and May.
Rainy season: May – October

Dry season: October – April

Area: 237,955 km2
Population: approx 6,758,353
Population density: 26.7/km2
Languages: Laos
1.Wattay International Airport in Vientiane
2.Luang Prabang International Airport
3.  Savannakhet International Airport
4. Pakse International Airport.
Time zone : UTC+7 (ICT)

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