Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng is a small town is situated 150 km from Vientiane. The town lies along the scenic curve in Nam Song River and been a popular destination among backpackers, it is also considered as the little Khaosan Road of Laos. Vang Vieng has a picturesque landscape with striking karst limestone mountains, caves and ancient temples that can be explored.

Within the town of Vang Vieng are numerous monasteries date back the 16th and 17th centuries such as Vat Kang, Vat Chua Pan, Vat Si Vieng Song (Vat That), Vat Phong Phen and the most visited one Vat Si Suman. Surrounding the town are Hmong villages that can be visited and experience first-hand cultural setting of Laotians. Most of the travelers spend their time biking and strolling along the river banks, exploring the local villages and local villages in the area.

Crossing the Nam Song River via the main bamboo footbridge leads visitor to several caves that can be accessed by foot, bicycle or motorbike. Rough small dirt road winds towards the jungle reaching the base of the limestone karsts.

Pha Tang Mount situated closely to Bane Pan Tang besides Nam Song River. It is a stunning limestone mountain in its unique shape created by nature.

The most interesting attraction in Vang Vieng is the Tham Phu Kham cave. The cave is about 6 km from Vang Vieng situated on the other side of a blue-green stream that can be crossed via sturdy footbridge. Once on the other side a stiff 200 m climb leads to the caves entrance. The cave has no clear marked pathways a torch is needed to navigate the semi-darkness climb down to the reclining Buddha that lies in the main cavern.

Tham Sang another cave to be explored in Vang Vieng is positioned just above the banks of the Nam Song River and about 7 km north of Vang Vieng on the west side of the river. Tham Sang, the Elephant Cave contains stalactite that resembles an elephant. Buddha images are also seen inside the cave.

Numerous guesthouse as well as restaurants filled the district. Guesthouses range from US$.90 to US$12. There are also post office, banks, internet shops and a number of travel agencies sprouting around the Vang Vieng.

Vang Vieng does not offer much places to explore. The town’s enchantment works by just being there and feeling the laidback atmosphere spread throughout the town. Travelers must take note that Vang Vieng is a placed where opium can easily bought. There are establishments that offers “happy meals” in which opium are mixed with the food being served. Thefts also occur in area particularly at some caves. So it is advisable take necessary precautions

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