Asia’s First Digital Art Debut at Thailand Digital Arts Festival

Asia’s First Digital Art Debut at Thailand Digital Arts Festival

Bangkok, Thailand, February 5, 2022 / TRAVELINDEX / Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022 will mark Thailand’s and Asia’s first and largest digital art showcase that features over 1,300 art pieces from 130 celebrated Thai artists. The event is a joint force between Siam Piwat Co., Ltd, ICONSIAM Co., Ltd., Baandam Museum by the late national artist Thawan Duchanee and KASIKORN X, creator of Coral platform, a marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that offers opportunities in creating disruptive businesses and boundless opportunities for artists and collectors alike, Plan B Media Public Company Limited as media partner to showcase digital arts on Plan B’s digital screens countrywide and across Bangkok, together with over 130 renowned artists.

TDAF 2022 will be the world’s debut of art works by Thai National Artists, celebrated artists, up-and-coming talents as well as celebrities and influencers, through both physical and virtual art mediums.

This constitutes a new historic chapter of Thailand’s art history, with the largest number of artists participating and widest varieties of art forms. The exhibition, held from 5-20 March 2022 covers over 2,000 square metres of Charoen Nakhon Hall on the M Floor as well as the ICON Art and Culture Space on 8th Floor at ICONSIAM, the global landmark by the Chao Phara River. ICONSIAM is a symbol of a prosperity, from the greatest collaboration between experts in different fields, both Thai and international, that combines culture, innovation and technology to create a world-class architectural wonder that reflects the concepts of Co-creation and Creating Shared Values.

Joining the press conference were Vice Minister of Culture Mr. Poramet Ngampichet, Managing Director of ICONSIAM Mr. Supoj Chaiwatsirikul, Director of Baan Dam Museum of the late National Artist Thawan Duchanee Dr. Doytibet Duchanee, KASIKORN X Head of Venture Builder Mr. Thanamet Ariyawat, Siam Piwat’s Chief Customer Officer Division Mr. Panthep Nilasinthop. Plan B Media Public Company Limited’s Chief Business Development Officer and Chief Marketing & Partnership Officer, Ms. Phakwan Wongphontawee

At the press conference on Wednesday 2 February 2022 at Suralai Hall, 7 Floor, ICONSIAM, was a display of artworks by National Artists and acclaimed artists such as Prof Emeritus Preecha Thaothong, Panya Vijinthanasarn, Prof Thavorn Ko-Udomvit, Thongchai Srisukprasert, Jitsing Somboon; as well as renowned artists and up-and-coming artists namely Wasan Puengprasert, Prapakas Angsusingha, Lamphu Kansanoh, Chalermpol Janrayab and Traipuck Suphawattana. The artists also shared their perspectives on digital art on stage.

Mr. Poramet Ngampichet, Vice Minister, Ministry of Culture, said, “The Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022 (TDAF2022) provides a perfect opportunity for art and technology to merge as one, and to transform physical artworks into digital assets. This platform will help create greater opportunities for artists and art creators like never before, in this face-pacing digital world.

On behalf of the Ministry of Culture, I would like to express my appreciation to all parties who have joined hands to create these new opportunities and exposures for Thailand’s art circle into the digital sphere. This is a move that leverage and enhance our cultural heritage created by the hands of Thai people, and presenting it to the world. This proudly empowers Thai artists in the international levels.

Mr. Panthep Nilasinthop, Chief Customer Officer, Siam Piwat Co. Ltd., remarked on this significant collaboration between Siam Piwat and KASIKORN X through the Coral platform which create the new experience of digital art and promote Thai art on the international stage. “To Siam Piwat, as ‘The Visionary Icon’, we always bring novel and unprecedented experiences for all visitors. We see art as an inspiration to spark the creative powers. Siam Piwat values the Co-Creation with artists in various disciplines, and supports Thai artists and their creative work in various forms. We have worked with Thai and international artists to create inspirational work, and offers opportunities to the younger generation, as well as offers space in all of Siam Piwat’s properties to create and showcase creative works that create shared values.

As the world of art is heading into the digital world, the collaboration between Siam Piwat and KASIKORN X reflects a shared vision, that is to support Thai artists in the progression towards a new era, and to reach international audiences. This constitutes an important step where, together, we have created a new experience for people by bringing together the parallel worlds—the offline and online platforms of creativity—in a seamless integration.

We believe that this collaborative effort will contribute to many further developments in the field of art for Thailand in the future, providing a window of limitless opportunity for artists in their creative endeavors,” added Mr. Panthep.
Mr.Supoj Chaiwatsirikul, Managing Director of ICONSIAM Co., Ltd., gave an overview of the objectives of TDAF2022 saying, “ICONSIAM represents the ultimate Thainess through creativity and innovation, a result of the amazing collaboration between experts in various fields from over 15 countries, Thai experts from different sectors including architects, engineers, artists, craftsmen, community leaders from many different provinces, as well as the government and private sectors, civil society, and business operators. The ultimate goal is to make Thailand the first centre of digital art in the region, promote Thai artists in the international forum, as well as create an awareness about digital art and NFTs, creating an easy and convenient NFT marketplace on the Coral platform for artists, art collectors and art enthusiasts.

More importantly, this event is another channel to create a showcase and new opportunities for the Thai art industry to show their potential and creative power to international stage. This is in line with ICONSIAM’s vision to showcase innovations and new experiences beyond borders, create a new phenomenon never before seen in Thailand, reinterpret our cultural heritage to the modern times, and present the Thai identity to the international audiences. to “Win The World for Thailand.”

Dr. Doytibet Duchanee, Director of Baan Dam Museum of National Artist Dr. Thawan Duchanee, and TDAF’s Art Curator and Creative Director, said “TDAF2022 is going to be an amazing phenomenon in the history of Thai art. It will jump start Thai art to international levels. Over 130 artists are taking part including National artists and acclaimed artists such as the work of the late Dr Thawan Duchanee, Ajahn Pratuang Emcharoen, Prof Emeritus Prayad Pongdam, Prof Emeritus Preecha Thaotong, Arjarn Tawee Ratchaneekorn, Arjarn Inson Wongsam, Arjarn Chuang Moolpinij, Prof Vichoke Mukdamanee, Arjarn Kamol Tassananchalee, Arjarn Panya Vijinthanasarn, Arjarn Thongchai Rakpathum, and Arjarn Woranan Chachawalthipakorn. Among the celebrated artists and up-and-coming artists are Prof Thavorn Ko-Udomvit, Thongchai Srisukprasert, Sakwut Wisesmanee, Jitsing Somboon, Chalit Nakpawan, Phornchai Jaima, Prasong Luemuang, Chatchawan Rodklongtan, Alongkorn Lowattana, Lamphu Kansanoh, Wanda Chaima, Aof Smith, Chalermpol Janrayab, Aphisit Muennak, Veerachai Duangpla, and Jeerawut Boonchuaynampon. There will also be celebrities and influencers such as Jirayu Tantrakul, Arikantha Mahapreukpong (Gypso), and Methi Noichinda. There will be a total of over 1,300 pieces of art including paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, digital art, animation, graphic design, street art, art toys, fashion, music, and performance arts – in short, almost every possible art discipline. Each piece is marked by its diversity and uniqueness.”

Dr. Doytibet also described the groundwork of this phenomenal event in Thailand’s art circle as achieving a feat that is a challenging task —to connect two paralleled worlds as one, and give wings to artists, enabling them to fly into the Metaverse of the near future. It has also never been possible to bring together this largest number of noted artists into one event before.

Dr. Doytibet added, “There are art enthusiasts all over the world, and bringing art work to them on a digital platform is a way of opening the door to an entirely new world that takes Thai artists onto the international stage. It is the goal of creating Thailand as “The Digital Arts Hub of Asia”. Since technology now provides the opportunity to present art work in a new and different format, artists will have to adapt in order to meet the challenges of the future world without having to forsake their traditional creative processes and at the same time embrace new technology, since it is a new dimension of merging physical art and digital art.”

Mr. Paul Thanaarmates Arriyavat, Head of Venture Builder, KASIKORN X described that TDAF 2022 is an exclusive event that will feature masterpieces from world-renowned masters and artists in the form of NFTs on KX’s Coral Super Simple NFT Marketplace. Coral ( focuses on promoting artists’ identity, global NFT standards, and omnichannel engagements.

“NFT collectors can have peace of mind that you purchase authentic NFTs from original artists. You can buy NFTs using local currencies and standard payment methods, just like e-commerce. No need to think about cryptocurrencies. Coral NFT is based on the Ethereum ERC-1155, a global standard for NFTs. Coral NFT walls are bridges that link artists and fans together online and offline. The Coral platform will enable limitless opportunities for all participants.”

As another key partner and significant role in exposing digital art, Ms. Phakwan Wongphontawee, Chief Business Development Officer and Chief Marketing and Partnership Officer at Plan B Media Public Company Limited, said “It is a great pleasure that Plan B Media is part of TDAF 2022, the first and the most prominent digital art fair in Thailand and Asia. Now we can appreciate art through a new digital experience and in the form of NFT. This event will leverage the Thai art industry to an international level. Plan B’s media is the world’s largest network of outdoor art galleries, presented with innovative, and cutting-edge varieties of mediums to reach target audiences all through their outdoor journey.

“Plan B Media will be a part of the breakthrough in Thailand’s art scene in the form of NFT to reach millions of audiences through over 850 Plan B’s digital screens across the country from 15 February to 20 March 2022.”
The event will strictly implement Covid-19 prevention measures to ensure confidence for those wishing to visit the exhibition. All visitors will be required to have a temperature check, and the venue will be disinfected according to safety standards each evening after the door closes.

Experience the power of creativity and digital art at Thailand Digital Arts Festival 2022, the first event of its kind in Thailand and Asia, from 5-20 March 2022, 10am-10pm, at Charoen Nakhon Hall, M Floor, and ICON Art and Culture Space, 8th Floor, ICONSIAM, Charoen Nakhon Road.

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