The Resort Villa Selects local Thai Artist for In-house Signature Tableware

The Resort Villa Selects local Thai Artist for In-house Signature Tableware

Rayong, Thailand, November 23, 2021 / TRAVELINDEX / The Resort Villa, one of the most exclusive and luxury retreats in Asia with 8 private villas that can house up to 20 guests at the same time, is a well-known destination among the European royal families and Hollywood stars. Known for its tailor-made hospitality and environmental awareness, the Resort Villa is also one of the top supporters of local artisans from all parts of Thailand and believes in giving constant exposure of their works to its international clientele.

Recently, The Resort Villa commissioned Jirawong Wongtrangan, one of the top designers of ceramic art from Northern Thailand, to create an exclusive collection of tableware for the resort. Reflecting the different shades of blue of the waters of the Gulf of Thailand and the 1,000 square metres of infinity pool that connects all of the resort’s 8 private villas, this exclusive collection of ceramics is made up of clay from diverse sources that come together through the artist’s unique design and glazing techniques.

It is The Resort Villa’s hope to showcase works of local Thai artists to the rest of the world. For more information on handmade ceramics by Jirawong Wongtrangan, please contact:

About The Resort Villa
The Resort Villa is one of Asia’s most luxurious private retreats situated amidst the quiet fishing villages and tropical rain forests and pristine beaches of Rayong province.

The story of this haven on earth began with a Swedish businessman, who fell in love with Rayong’s natural beauty and transformed the 14,000 square metres of land with both a resort and private retreat in mind. To ensure utter exclusivity and privacy, the resort’s 8 individual villas are only available to a single group of up to 18 guests. Guests of the resort, frequently Hollywood stars, Swedish royalties, and international business figures, are in the hands of 60full-time staff members whose mission is to make sure every aspect of the guests’ wishes is individually catered to.

The Resort Villa continually strives to be environmentally aware and is known for its social services such as the beach clean ups and a dog-neutering campaign to help control the dog population in the area and for its contributions and encouragement to the local community in preserving the nature of its surroundings.

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